Shaping, sorting, shifting and so much more besides. That’s the plan for 2012/my life/this blog, but what am I on about?

Well, the shaping part is easy – to explain at least. Shaping up, dieting, following a healthy eating plan … whatever you call it, I guess it’s probably up at the top of most people’s New Year’s resolutions.  Mine is not so much to start as to re-start. I joined Slimming World in May 2010, lost just over 4 stone in a year, found out my mum was ill, then struggled to stay on track. A year on from her death, and after a disastrous November and December, I am due to get weighed in on Thursday. I’ll post back here, but I expect it’ll be frightful. Self-inflicted frightfulness, and it involved quite a lot of really delicious food, so I don’t ask for or expect sympathy! :-)

Sorting is another of those well-rehearsed NY promises to oneself, and time will tell whether it goes the way of others of its ilk. It’s partly about sorting out the routine things – paperwork, wardrobe, those horribly messy drawers where all the odds and sods get dumped – but also about being more organised about what I keep, and how I keep it. This blog is part of the solution. I envisage it as a place to display photos I’m proud of, chat about projects, keep track of progress (where there is any!) and pick out things I’m interested in, like other people’s photos, projects or passions.

Shifting is making myself move, so more exercise, less prevarication, and finishing a few projects instead of just starting them. I’m very good at starting, less so at seeing through.

And what of the “so much more besides”? That’s the blogging equivalent of the messy drawer of odds and sods. Some things never change, so you may as well allow for it from the outset. :-)