How the image of lard has changed since this promotional poster in 1957, produced in conjunction with the Dept. of Health. Can you imagine trying to sell the idea of a Lard Marketing Board to a modern government? There is a web presence for a British Lard Marketing Board, but I am guessing it’s no longer affiliated to the DoH.

That said, I checked before leaping to conclusions (the only potential for some exercise this weekend) and lard has … gasp … less saturated fat than butter. Apparently, it’s also great for making your pastry flaky – something to do with the larger-sized fat molecules. Which brings me on to my fat molecules – I am not sure whether they are larger, or there are more of them, but weigh-in on Thursday did not go well. Only to be expected, self-inflicted, and all that. And I did enjoy the yummy food I ate to get there, but really. A stone and a half in a month? Why doesn’t it come off anywhere near that fast? Add that to the pre-pre-Christmas flakiness (no lard involved), and I have retreated to where I was a couple of months after I started. How did I manage that? Well, mostly, it was our holiday in September, being away for work for four weeks in October/November, and the usual dietary tribulations of December. The real question is why I let myself get derailed so easily, and whether, this time round, I will do better. We’ll see. :-)