After the horrors of weigh-in on Thursday, at the weekend I drew up a menu and did a full shop. It has seen us through most of the week, with the addition of some bread and milk. My trolley was two-thirds full before I’d even made it out of the fruit and veg aisle. I wish I’d had a pic but I’d have felt a wee bit conspicuous photographing my own trolley. Besides, the absence of my own sent me to Flickr looking for pics to illustrate this post. There are heaps of great shots there, so it took me no time to find these, which I think are beautiful.



I also found this, and I think you have to be told it is fruit and veg – it’s Thai carving, and I cannot imagine how long it takes to get that good, or how much veg you waste trying. I hope it all goes into a stockpot.


As for SW, I’ve done well, and stuck to the plan all week, so I hope for a good result tomorrow evening.