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You can tell I’m new to this blogging lark. I don’t think to take photos of anything until too late, then scurry off to Flickr to find someone else’s for illustrative purposes. Sigh. Still, there are so many great photographers out there.

I made salmon mousse this afternoon. I am not sure at what point it moves from being a pâté to a mousse, but I think today’s was definitely moussey. It’s lighter than usual, and I think that’s the distinguishing feature, howsoever the lightness is created. In my case, it was fat-free fromage frais, but you could use egg white, whipped to soft peaks, if you prefer. I have also used quark, which keeps the texture quite thick.

This is ridiculously easy to make, and yummy for lunch with some salad or crispbreads. I like Ryvita Minis (a 30g bag is a Healthy Extra B). It makes enough for two lunches, or would be a good starter for two.

2 salmon fillets (I prefer the lightly smoked for this recipe)
Chilli flakes
Salt and pepper
A squeeze of lemon juice
Fat free fromage frais, about a heaped tablespoon for a thick pâté, or three or four heaped tbsp for a mousse (or a beaten egg white, folded in).

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Place the salmon fillets on a piece of tin foil, season, and sprinkle over some chilli flakes (to your taste). Wrap the foil around the fish, sealing tightly, and place on a baking sheet in the oven. Cook for 15-20 minutes, then remove and allow to cool in the foil parcel.
Once cooled, put the salmon in a bowl, add the juices from the parcel, and a squeeze of lemon juice, and mash it all together. Add fromage frais to make it the consistency you wish, then check the seasoning again. I often find I need to add more chilli flakes at this point, but that may just be because the ones I bought are rather low down on the heat scale. Which, by the way, is called the Scoville Scale. The flakes I have are probably sitting around the same level as a pimento. Weedy. :-)