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When I have been off the Slimming World plan, even if just for a week or fortnight, I pile on a fair amount of weight. The flip-side, though, is that the first week back on track, I tend to get a good result. And so it turns out to be this time, too, thankfully. Ten pounds! It’ll be back to normal next week, if previous experience is anything to go by, but … count them … ten pounds!

It’s been a pretty easy week, with nothing happening that forced me to make difficult choices. The diet week, for me, runs from Friday to Thursday, when I get weighed in, so we’re now well into the second week. So far, so good. We visited my OH’s mum – my quasi mother-in-law – on Saturday. I took soup for our lunch, and she was going to do a salad, but she went above and beyond, which was especially kind since she’s not well. She checked online and found a recipe for a free filling for jacket potatoes, so we had that with a lovely salad for dinner. It’s a new one on me, and I haven’t got a link, I’m afraid, but it was ham, pineapple, extra light mayo and fat-free fromage frais, mixed and served cold with the hot jacket. Delicious, and so good of you to go to the effort, G, thank you. Hope you feel better soon. :-)