The train used to be a good opportunity to get some work done, but it is becoming harder, the more crowded the trains become. There is rarely an occasion when somebody cannot overlook what you’re working on, and people seem to have fewer inhibitions about doing so. And then there’s the problem of space – the world and his wife has a laptop now, and, seemingly, a divine right to have sufficient space for it, their papers, phone, coffee, fondue set, cuddly toy etc etc etc. The iPad is wonderful for many reasons, but the teeny footprint is definitely high on my list.

Trains have also become noisier; again I suspect that this is as much about people’s respect for others as it is the sheer numbers involved. Even in the designated quiet coaches, there’s background chatter. Today isn’t too bad, busy but relatively peaceful – partly thanks to some early enforcement work by one of my fellow passengers towards someone making a phone call. Does it count if the train has not set off yet? Probably, and the rapid intervention appears to have set the (silent) tone, so well done, sir. :-)

So here I am there I was, tapping away at my now silent keyboard, making the most of the chance to catch up on this blog. When I started, I did wonder how much time I would have to devote to it. Weekly updates on the diet aside, it’s not particularly easy. There is an inverse proportion between what’s going on in my life and how much time I have to blog about it. Probably best to be busy and behind than blogging about nothing, but I suspect more work is needed to achieve a happy balance. That might be the motto for my life, by the way. And so many others’ besides.

I wrote this last week, meaning to post it when I got home, but didn’t get a chance – makes the point for me, rather. :-)