Aurelien Breeden at Flickr

I’ve been fasting this week. Not by choice, I hasten to add; that’s not in the Slimming World plan, nor mine. I had a hospital appointment on Monday that included a strict preparation regime over the weekend. On Monday, there was a snag, so I had to return on Wednesday, and carry on with the fast in the meantime. From Saturday night to Wednesday lunchtime, I ate nothing but jelly, and drank only black tea (sweetened with honey) and water. Inevitably, it’s had an impact on my weight loss this week – 7½ lb. Far more importantly, the test results were normal. I need to have one more test, but things are looking fine. The hospital staff were lovely, too; I can’t praise their kindness and professionalism too much, and they made a fairly unpleasant experience much more bearable.

I was worried, seeing as I love my food a lot, that I’d not cope terribly well with fasting, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I surprised myself with how little I minded seeing or smelling food, and I even cooked for my OH without qualms. After a while, the hunger becomes a background thing that you can ignore relatively easily, although I suspect that is very much not the case when you have no choice, and no end in sight. The advantageous side effects for me – a great weight loss and a shrunken stomach – in no way detract from the very real problems faced by those who don’t get enough to eat on a regular basis.

Next week is going to be as unusual as this week, although for a much more cheerful reason – I am getting a new kitchen, which is very exciting. This weekend, we’re clearing the contents of the fridge and freezer as far as possible, and next week we’ll have at least two nights when we can’t cook. My usual ‘plan and prepare’ approach doesn’t work, but I’ll try to make the best choices I can, and we’ll see how we do. :-)