Pic courtesy of Chris D 2006 on Flickr

I weighed in yesterday; my first full week since the 5-day Phase 1 starting point. I’ve lost five pounds, making a total of a stone in 12 days. I’m very happy about that. I’ve been coping okay with the plan so far. I’m feeling well most of the time, but if I delay eating when I am hungry, I do notice I feel a little light-headed. On the plus side, I am thinking about food a lot less in between meals. There’s still a lot of thought and planning (and chopping!) that has to go into this, but when I’m not doing that, I am not thinking about food very often, which I take to be a healthy sign.

We are keeping up the Phase 1 stage for a bit longer – how long remains to be seen – but Andrew is having the occasional splash of milk in his tea, and we are eating two squares of 85% dark chocolate each in the evening. That’s my only treat. Andrew is still eating up the last of the festive leftovers and stuff that was in the cupboard and doesn’t fit with the Harcombe Diet. He’s lost three pounds, which is excellent.

I have spent a lot of time on THD since we started, and my knitting has taken the hit. I barely did any for the last fortnight. Yesterday, I finally got round to finishing a dog jacket for my bro, SIL and nephew’s dog, Holly, who is a little sweetheart. I worked from the measurements they gave me and a pattern that says it can generate the perfect fit from those dimensions, but I am still nervous about whether it will fit her. We shall see …

I’ve also sorted out what the next few projects are to be … two secret projects for gifts, and a shawl for me, blatantly copied from something I saw an indie dyer doing at Yarnporium in London last year (huge fun!). It was her yarn she was using, so I bought the same two colours, and I’m hoping to cast on this afternoon, once I am finished with the cooking. In the kitchen today … bolognese sauce and chicken stock, to make chicken, bacon and leek soup later. Yum!