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I love the White Company. They do beautiful things for the home – bed linen, towels, candles, toiletries, and the like – but also lovely clothes and scarves. Around this time last year, I discovered I could get into their clothes, and I have pretty much been haunting the place ever since. It all looks, feels and smells so wonderful that it’s hard to stay away. My favourite purchase (so far) is the softest, most snuggly cashmere scarf/wrap. I can’t find it on their website, but if you imagine this throw as a scarf instead (and way cheaper) you get the picture. I was in the shop on Monday, and noticed it was on sale – reduced by about 20%. My first thought was that I wish I’d waited to buy it in the sale, but then I remembered I bought it with a 10% discount card, and I’ve worn it nearly constantly since, so I can’t begrudge the extra 10% too much. I’m trying to think about the cost per wear/use of things I see and want to buy, not so much to justify buying higher priced items, but to stop myself buying things that I know, in my heart, that I am not going to use regularly.

But back to the White Company sale … and a complete bargain of a gift box. The White Company do lovely gift boxes of candles, bath oils and other gorgeous smellies, and part of the fun is having them come in a crisp, clean white box. The box on this one is decidedly off-white.

They knocked it down from £50 to £45, but it was so grubby, I am not surprised it didn’t sell. At £20, it’s a steal. It’s lavender and neroli, and contains two candles, a pillow spray and some bath milk. My other half’s mum is feeling rather poorly at the moment, so I thought I’d take her one of the candles and the pillow spray when we visit on Saturday. I can’t see my OH going a bundle on lavender-scented pillows, somehow, and I am sure his mum will enjoy it more. I couldn’t give her a half-empty, grubby box, so I’ve wrapped her half of the spoils in a little bag, and found some pretty ribbon. Not bad for an impromptu feel-better-soon pressie, I hope. :-)

Except I can’t post this until after Saturday, in case she reads this. A good opportunity to try out the delayed-posting thingy, I think. :-)


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