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BLOOM by Anna Schuleit. White Tulips

In 2003, the Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) was to be demolished, after 9 decades in operation. As a memorial, artist Anna Schuleit was invited to create an artwork, and chose this incredibly vibrant installation, entitled “Bloom”.

BLOOM by Anna Schuleit. Blue Hallway

In an interesting interview (with some great photos) on Colossal, she talks about the project: “Twenty-eight thousand flowers arrived on trucks in the span of a few days, all needing to be watered as they came in, all having to be placed in the building, unwrapped, arranged, watered again. I had a team of about eighty volunteers to help me with this, all spontaneous helpers”

BLOOM by Anna Schuleit. Orange Tulips

“After four public days of Bloom, the building was closed for good and we delivered all twenty-eight thousand flowers to shelters, half-way houses, and psychiatric hospitals throughout New England … Bloom was a reflection on the healing symbolism of flowers given to the sick when they are bedridden and confined to hospital settings … Here, patients receive few, if any, flowers during their stay. Bloom was created to address this absence, in the spirit of offering and transition.”

There are more photos here and more info here.


Edgar Mueller - The Crevasse

I live in a tourist destination, which is an odd thing, some of the time. In the summer, we get street painters – I’m sure you’ve seen them – recreating famous pictures (which we get quite often here) or making 3D images on the pavement. I was thinking about those today, and went looking for one I recalled specifically. It’s by an astoundingly talented artist called Edgar Mueller, and his website has loads of really stunning images, and fascinating videos of him creating the works. Although, even when you see how it’s done, and watch it come together stage by stage, it still fools your eye.

Guido Daniele - Elephant

The reason I was reminded of the pavement art was a feature on Trendland about a hand painter called Guido Daniele. His work recalled that of Mueller and the like. I particularly liked the elephant featured in the article and the dolphin (24 on this page of his website) but the two-handed ones are equally clever and the body art section also merits a visit [NSFW].

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